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House Democrats Unveil 2009 Legislative Agenda

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January 21, 2009

House Democrats Announce 2009 Legislative Agenda

Vow to Fight for Middle Class Families

Richmond, VA – This morning, the Virginia House Democratic Caucus announced its agenda for the 2009 General Assembly session.

“Democrats in the House feel the pain of our citizens,” Democratic Leader Ward Armstrong said, “and we are committed to responding to the worsening economic crisis we face. House Democrats are fighting for middle class families in Virginia, working to balance the budget while protecting funding for K-12 education, and spurring our economy with investments in clean, renewable energies.”

“Our caucus agenda focuses on the needs and interests of our citizens,” Caucus Chairman Ken Plum added. “While the talented men and women of our caucus have introduced many worthwhile bills, we are highlighting just a few today.”

The Democratic agenda includes measures to reinvigorate the economy, promoting renewable energy investment and energy efficiency measures, ensure the best education possible for young Virginians, and meet commitments to our veterans.

The Economy

House Democrats believe that we must first examine the legislative branch’s spending to find cost savings. Delegate Steve Shannon has again proposed HJ 668, which directs JLARC to study legislative efficiencies and recommend money saving improvements. House Democrats will push for an additional $5 million in the budget for the Governor’s Opportunity Fund to allow the Governor to attract more businesses and good paying jobs to the Commonwealth. Also, Delegate David Poisson has proposed a bill providing tax incentives for businesses hiring honorably discharged veterans (HB 2439) and Delegate David Englin has proposed a bill that provides a state income tax credit to businesses that create jobs in the renewable energy field (HB 2374).

Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

House Democrats also recognize the immense job creation potential in the field of renewable energy. Delegate Englin’s HB 2374 will incentivize job growth in renewable energy fields. Delegate Margi Vanderhye’s HJ 682 directs the Virginia Department of Taxation to recommend options for restructuring the residential electric consumption tax to promote energy efficiency while remaining revenue neutral.

Protecting Education from the Economic Downturn

House Democrats will once again oppose efforts to alter the Standards of Quality funding formula and place more of a burden on the already cash strapped local governments. House Democrats will work to make onetime cuts and to find payments to defer, like new textbook purchases, which do not have lasting negative effects on education funding.

Caring for our Veterans

In addition to the aforementioned HB 2439 from Delegate David Poisson, House Democrats are also focusing on protecting those at home who protect us abroad. In response to the homeless epidemic among our veterans, Delegate Joe Bouchard has proposed HJ 727 which instructs JLARC to study ways to combat homelessness in the veteran community. Also, Delegate Vivian Watts’ HB 2192 honors and recognizes those who have given the last full measure.

“We look forward to working with our colleagues across the aisle, the Senate, and the Governor to adopt these important measures,” said Delegate Ward Armstrong.


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January 21, 2009 at 3:40 pm

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