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Friday May 16, 2008

The Republican leadership has clearly stated that they have no idea how to solve our transportation crisis, relieve congestion on our roadways, ensure the safety of our highways and bridges, or make investments that will grow our economy. When faced with Virginia’s growing transportation crisis, Republicans have only one response – “NO.”

Republicans offer NO plan or vision…

“‘I don’t have a particular plan or vision,’ said [Attorney General Bob] McDonnell when queried yesterday in a conference call with reporters on how he would fix the 2007 transportation plan gutted last month by the Virginia Supreme Court.” [Richmond Times-Dispatch, 3/26/08]

Republicans have spent NO time working to solve the problem….

“House Majority Leader H. Morgan Griffith (R-Salem) said he did not even bother to show up for the second meeting with Kaine and other legislators because Democrats insist on considering only plans that call for statewide tax increases. ‘It’s dead on arrival. Until that issue is put on the backburner, I don’t see us agreeing on anything,’ he said.” [Washington Post, 4/25/08]

Republicans say NO to even considering proposed solutions…

“Del. David B. Albo, a Fairfax Republican involved in transportation negotiations, said Kaine’s plan had a ‘0.000 percent chance’ of winning approval… Minutes after Kaine unveiled his proposal, House Majority Leader H. Morgan Griffith (R-Salem) and Minority Whip M. Kirkland Cox (R-Colonial Heights) predicted it would not reach the House floor. ‘I don’t see anything positive in the governor’s plan that makes it something that’s likely to be considered,’ Cox said.” [Washington Post, 5/13/08]

“[A]nti-tax Republicans who control the House of Delegates suggested the plan was all but dead on arrival. They said they have only to decide how to kill it – ‘whether we send it into a conference or if we just go home,’ said House Majority Leader H. Morgan Griffith, R-Salem. [Richmond Times-Dispatch, 5/13/08]

Republicans say NO to working towards bipartisan compromise…

“‘The governor has the prerogative to call us back into special session and waste the taxpayers’ money if he so has the desire,’ said House Republican Leader Morgan Griffith of Salem. Asked if the proposal would ever reach the House floor, Griffith said, ‘I see it on the floor, but not the floor of the House.'” [Daily Press, 5/13/08]

Republicans say NO when asked to acknowledge the problem…

“‘What we need to do is figure out how we can implement the fees that were structured last year instead of having a statewide transportation crisis created out of thin air,’ said House Majority Leader Morgan Griffith, R-Salem.” [Examiner, 4/4/08]

Republicans say NO to fixing Virginia’s ongoing transportation crisis but Virginians are saying NO to failed Republican leadership…

“Virginia Republicans wasted no time declaring Gov. Tim Kaine’s latest road-funding plan dead on arrival. But they have offered no cogent plan of their own. Perhaps they propose to use pixie dust to pay to build and maintain the state’s bridges and roads.” [Bristol Herald Courier, 5/14/08]

“Partisanship has gotten in the way of any road plan that looked like it had the green light. The Republicans stopped the process cold every chance they could.” [Virginia News Leader, 5/15/08]

“The governor has proposed a substantive, sensible and sustainable package of taxes and fees that would inject around $1 billion of new funding annually into the state’s transportation budget — a minimal infusion, given the massive needs. His program, which he plans to present next month to a special session of the General Assembly, is already under attack from a state GOP whose unrelenting hostility to investing in basic infrastructure is matched only by its contempt for Northern Virginia’s most critical needs…” [Washington Post, 5/13/08]

“The Republicans in the General Assembly have an obligation to shed their obstinacy and offer a comprehensive alternative.” [Northern Virginia Daily, 5/14/08]


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