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House Republicans’ opening-week antics did not play well across Virginia:

  • “Secrecy facilitates skulduggery. Sunshine is a simple and obvious test of good governance. Republicans just flunked.” (Richmond Times-Dispatch, 1/14/08)
  • “Legislators are hard pressed to come up with a legitimate reason to maintain the shroud of secrecy. Nevertheless, again this year, they will do a significant part of the public’s business without the transparency and accountability it deserves.” (Daily Press, 1/14/08)
  • “The subcommittee system remains an unaccountable black hole, where House lawmakers send unpopular measures to die.” (Andrea Hopkins, Bristol Herald Courier, 1/13/08)
  • “Call it the gulag of lawmaking. Proposed bills go into the darkness and there they are killed, no spotlight, no fingerprints.” (The Daily Progress, 1/13/08)
  • “Regardless of who controls the House, this proposal promoted openness in government. It should have been approved.” (The Daily News Record, 1/12/08)

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January 14, 2008 at 9:47 am

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